Packaged especially for you

Trudy Sealy

Sourcer and Mentor

Frustrated and don’t know where to start with your property journey?

I was in your same position 2 years ago and with great teachers and support I learnt about property and focused my energy on cash flowing strategies including sourcing deals.

Without the support of my mentors I would not be where I am today, managing a Serviced Accommodation portfolio, finding deals for other investors, running property events focused on empowering women in property and supporting others to learn about Serviced Accommodation and HMO’s.

From my personal journey I have learned how to:-

  • Set up of a property business
  • Finding your gold mine area
  • Deal analysis
  • Compliance including contracts
  • Finding the right deals for your area
  • Building your power team

…..and much more. 

Now I am in a position to help others get past the initial hurdles when setting up their property business and finding deals and can even do it all for you if you’re time poor.

If you want to find out more, complete the form with your contact details and lets book in a 15 minute call.